Monday, June 18, 2012

Top Knot...Testing out a new hairstyle.

By: Alexandra Holmes

I am the queen of running out of time and giving up on my hair in the morning. I wear my hair either curly (think untamed lioness), in a low pony tail, or what I refer to as a bun but it is a very un"chic" sloppy mess so often that when I blow dry my hair people always ask if I got my hair cut or colored.

Today was another sloppy mess day and then I got an email from Elle Magazine with a how-to on the Top Knot hairstyle (pictured below). Check out the how-to here.

The style above involves teasing and spraying and sectioning and since I was sitting in my cubicle with no mirror I couldn't do any of that. Below is what I ended up with. Not bad...looks like I was trying to be chic rather than the "I slept in" look.
I will try the fancier version another day when I have time :)

Happy Monday!

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  1. It looks fancy enough to me! I wish I'd still have my hair long so I could try this one out:)
    You should see my lioness "hairdo" now, hahaha