Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Summer Faves for Sunny Summer Toddlers

By: Alexandra Holmes

Summer is my season! I love it and I wouldn't trade it for any other season any day. I have always enjoyed summer and even though I don't get to forget about my worries and hit the beach for a few months like I used to I still get giddy just thinking about my summer itinerary.  When I'm not working this summer is going to be full of backyard barbecues, days at the lake, and a trip to the beach. I can barely stay inside at all when the sun is out so I always make sure to properly gear up my little guys so that they can enjoy it as much as I do. I want to keep them safe, extend our outside play, and keep them entertained. To do this, I must reach deep into my mommy arsenal for some tried and true summer essentials.

1. Stride Rite Sand Dollar Shoes: Whether we are going to the beach or just to the grocery store, these shoes are our ultimate go-to summer shoes for our little guys. I was shocked to learn how sweaty and smelly little boy feet can get, these are supposed to be my sweet little cherubs and they smell like rowdy teenagers! These shoes keep there little tootsies cool and are easy to put on and off themselves. They are made of waterproof material and can go all day in and out of the water without rubbing blisters. Think of them as kicked up Crocs for your little ones. We have a pair of these for everyone and they are SO worth the splurge.

2. Sunglasses: This one took me a little while to catch on to...I'm like a vampire in the way that I can't walk outside two feet without sunglasses or my eyes will start shriveling out of my head but I never considered that the little guys might need them. Notice the picture above, Chris and I are happily smiling with our shades on while all four boys are squinting. It was during that trip last summer that it dawned on me to start protecting the boys' eyes. Most of the boys love wearing sunglasses and when someone decides they don't want to wear them that day then I put a ball cap on his head. These sunglasses are called "Babiators" and couldn't be any cooler. They come in all colors (for girls too!) but we think the lime green is our style.

3.Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids SPF 70 Sunscreen: Tell me the many times have you remembered the sunblock right as your kids run and jump into the pool? This sunblock is GREAT because not only is it completely waterproof, broad spectrum, long lasting sunblock but you can spray it on wet kids! This makes it so easy to reapply throughout the day without having to bum everyone out by making them stop what they are doing to dry off completely and then let the sunblock dry. You can spray it on wet skin and let them hop right back onto the slip'n'slide without worrying about coverage.

Not my kid 
4.Cute Summer Clothes: All kids look cute running around an open fire hydrant no matter what they are wearing, but MY kids look like a Gap summer commercial or a dream sequence from a summer blockbuster. Honestly, my boys are naked most of the time...I can't keep clothes on them when we are at our house. They strip down and run outside to play in the hose before I can do anything to stop them. But when we have to go out in public I have so much fun picking out cute summer outfits. Plaid shorts and cool tees are pretty much the uniform for our boys. Target has lots of great stuff and H&M has great prices on very trendy cool clothes for little tots. I think I like shopping for boys clothes more than my own now.

5.Board Shorts: Ok Mom...I'm going to do your boys' a favor right now... swim trunks with "weird" patterns, full elastic waistband, and poofy shorts are NOT COOL. Board shorts are where it's at and your little cutie will look so much better in these cool swimsuits. I don't know about you but I don't want my kids getting dissed at the juice box bar over his goofy shorts.

6.Backyard Entertainment: If you are like me and don't have a pool in your backyard then you have to have some entertainment back there. You could do horse shoes or croquet (boring) or you could fork over $15 for this awesome toddler sized pool. It is the perfect depth and size for little swimmers and also happens to fit Mommy in there pretty well too! It is a snap set pool available at Walmart. There are tons of other great inexpensive pools that will turn your plot of grass into a mini water park for your little tots. We have a pool and slip'n'slide and I just stick my lawn chair in the middle and enjoy!

There it are easy to entertain in the summer. The sun and fun is already outside waiting you just have to go out and get it. I hope you get to have tons of fun and make many summer memories this year.

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