Friday, June 8, 2012

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By: Alex Holmes

Hello great people of the United States of Cyberspace!

I have decided to start writing this blog again for a few reasons. One, it gives me something to do and I love writing. Two, I have been posting alot lately on my FB about our wild and crazy life and I figure this is better for the people that it bothers and the people that like it. The people who don't like constantly hearing about all my kids can see less of it (why would they want to?) and the people that enjoy reading about our interesting, and adventure filled life know right where to find it. And the final reason is that I hear if you get enough followers you can get companies to give you sample products if you review them on your blog...I like the sound of that so FOLLOW ME PRETTY PLEASE.

 I think I am going to write about whatever I want, not just kids and family, because I have so much other stuff that I enjoy and have passion for. Such as, gardening, beauty products and tricks, fitness, cooking (and eating for that matter), decorating, remodeling, and whatever strikes my fancy that day...basket weaving, fly fishing...who knows my attention span for new ventures can be inconsistent.

Anyways...I am mostly writing for myself and if anyone else can read it and learn something, laugh, feel better, or even make fun of it to themselves then that is enough for me. Happy Trails!

Now Pictures of Everyone (Except Chris because I am a bad wife and can't find one)

AKA Mr. Mason
(funny enough Wyatt calls him Biggie which is what we call Wyatt)

AKA Biggie

AKA Satan with a P :)

AKA A-man

And Me...and one of my dogs Lady

Thanks for Reading.


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