Monday, June 11, 2012

Peonies in Texas

By: Alex Holmes

I saw the most gorgeous potted pink peonies in the grocery store the other day and it made me want to add them to my garden. I happen to be pretty impetuous and usually have to do something right after I think of it but now after reading more about growing them it looks like I will have to wait until Fall. So, come October I will be adding this flower to my repertoire.

I am originally from Galveston Island and miss being by the beach up here in Fort Worth so I have made my backyard as tropical as possible. Instead of the beach, I have mister and a kiddie pool but the flowers REALLY help.

Do you know other great flowers for Texas summer gardens?

So far I have:
Celosia (Lackluster and not very hardy for me not to mention our newest puppy has trampled and eaten most of them)
Orange Trumpet Esperanza (Beautiful and drought tolerant)
Purslane (Gorgeous and pretty water wise)
Vinca and Vinca Vine (both very hardy and water wise)
Moss Rose (This was my favorite early in the season but it looks a little wimpy now)
Sweet Potato vie (Love it, always a standard addition to my garden)
Begonias (Bronze leafed are heat tolerant and can take full sun)
Varigated Hibiscus (Cool, unique looking hibiscus)
Gerber Daisies
Roses (Of course)

I also love having some great summery herbs so I have orange, chocolate, and regular mint as well as big delicious basil and red ruffle basil. I love making mint tea, basil lemonade, mint juleps, bruschetta, basil anything and some minty treats.

Having a lush garden has been so much fun especially this year since all the boys are old enough to kind of help. They help me scoop dirt and plant the flowers, and they LOVE watering. I enjoy teaching them about how plants help us by cleaning our air, helping bees make honey, attract butterflies, and even make food. I think it is a really easy and important lesson that can teach so many things from promoting a healthy lifestyle to respecting nature.

Next year when they are all old enough to understand more, I am going to plant a salsa garden so that they can help and see it go from planting to table. I tried my hand at a tomato plant this year and managed to grow one big beautiful heirloom tomato that was just delicious (I'm sure) to the crows that ate it. I pretty much gave up after that because I couldn't make time to get to the store for something to defend against critters but it is still out in my yard and I am watering so I might try again soon.

I think about all the flowers that I could grow if I was up in Washington where my mother-in-law and sister-in-law live, but then I would have to give up all of this wonderful summer heat and I wouldn't be in driving distance to the beach.

Well anyway, that's it for my little gardening moment.

If you are a fellow Texas Gardener you should check out this blog I found. I like to start here when I want to get creative and she links to other good gardening resources.

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  1. I love peonies too and this is a lovely picture! Thanks for sharing :)