Saturday, December 19, 2009

Three month update on the triplets and life. I haven't updated this thing for awhile and a lot has happened since the last time I posted anything. I will update everything one by one, then hopefully I will keep it updated from now until the babies are born, I will only be able to put up pictures after I am out of the hospital. My plan is to start writing about not just what is happening to me but also about triplet pregnancy in general. There are a surprising amount of people having higher order multiples and there is hardly any information available about carrying them or raising them.

My Wedding

On September 19th, 2009 at about 430 pm while looking out over the ocean on the beach that I have grown to love, I married the love of my life. Surrounded by our friends and family I tried to focus long enough to say my vows. I was so excited and antsy that I could hardly stay still through the ceremony, I was giggly and figgity and looked like a total goofball. Chris was the total opposite (which is usually the case) he was calm and focused and teary eyed the whole time. Chris heard every word that the pastor said where I barely heard any of it and just agreed when he told me to and repeated what he told me to say, so if there was something tricky snuck in there that I agreed to then I haven't found out about it yet. We have been very happy together so far and that's saying a lot considering I have had the hormones of carrying triplets making me kind of crazy the whole time. If we can be happy through this then I feel like we can do anything, or it may be more appropriate for me to say if Chris can survive this then he can do anything.


Aidan is almost 14 months old now and he is growing by leaps and bounds. He is learning new things all the time and is getting really fast and good at climbing. Right now since I am at the hospital I only get to see him once a week but Chris tells me everyday that in the month that I have been here he has learned how to be defiant and get into lots of new stuff but that he is still being as sweet and loving as ever he is just a super bust baby. He has grown tall and handsome already I can't wait to see what he turns into. I actually just got to have a one hour visit with him and it was so fun because he was excited to see me and we shared a big mac. He has a big mouth just like his momma so he was opening his mouth really wide and trying to take super big cracked me up. He even grabbed my drink a few times to wash down the burger and he was reaching into the bag to get is so fun to watch how big and grown up he is getting, and realizing that he is a toddler now and not a baby. I look forward to being home in a few more weeks and getting to be mommy again and get to give him as many hugs and kisses as I want. the babies

Well, where should I start, today I have reached a very important milestone by getting to 28 weeks. I would like to get to at least 32 preferably 34 but I am only taking it one day at a time right now. I have been in the hospital for 29 days because I dilated one cm and I have been contracting (not good) since 24 weeks. I am on strict bed rest which means that I can only get out of bed to go potty and take a seated shower, this is pretty common for higher order multiples (more than two babies) but it varies person to person when they have to go on it. Last Thursday we had an ultrasound to measure the babies and Baby A was 1 lb 9 oz, Baby B was 2 lbs, and Baby C was 1 lb 12 oz. We are having another ultrasound on Monday morning to measure the babies again and see how they are growing. Baby A and Baby B are twins so we have to watch for a condition called twin to twin transfusion which is where one twin takes the nutrition from the other twin. This causes one baby to grow big and the other twin to have restricted growth which can turn bad quickly and is one possible reason to deliver early. So far these babies have been very healthy and growing very well so we hope that this continues until they are delivered. We have picked out names for all three boys already they will be Mason Robert, Wyatt Richard, and Payton Thomas and they will be named in birth order. Hopefully if all goes well I will be here at the hospital for awhile longer and I will continue to post updates. Wish me and the babies good luck.

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