Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Connected Again Finally....Wedding and Baby Update

I am just now posting because I haven't had a computer for a week or so....my old one crapped out and it took me awhile to get my desktop from the office.

The last couple weeks since we found out about the triplets have been kind of surreal. Most of it has been fun, seeing everyone's reaction when we tell them and thinking about how neat it is that this has happened to us, but some of it has been a little freaky. I have been extra cautious because I still feel like I don't really know anything about carrying triplets. All I have is what they told me on the day we found out about them. We have spent quite a bit of time on the phone with the specialist's office because they have been trying to fit us in. We are finally going on Thursday, I have a million questions and I can't wait to hear their little heart beats again. It has also been kind of stressful figuring out where we are going to live. Right now we live in a two bedroom apartment and there is no way that will work with triplets, I also might have to go on bedrest and if that happens then I will need help taking care of Aidan who is in need of more entertaining these days. Chris and I will probably end up moving in with my mom, which isn't really what I wanted to happen but it will be great to have the help and it will get us by until we can get a house big enough for our exploding family and get these babies into the world safely. I will put up ultrasound pictures soon and also give an update after the doctors apointment on Thursday.

Now for a wedding update...We have kept the same date on the 19th but we moved it to 4pm at my mothers house. We will meet at her house for coctails and then walk down to the beach for the ceremony. The reception will be back at the house right after.I was starting to think that the wedding was going to fall by the wayside and get forgotten but my family has realy pulled through for this and I think it will be beautiful. The most important thing is that at the end of the day I will be married to the love of my life and that is more than I ever could have asked for. One more thing about the wedding is that the invitations have been messed up and its a total disaster so if you haven't been invited and you know you would be then just call and RSVP we want all of our friends and family to be there, so just call.

Well my little rascall is trying to pull the key board off the desk so I have to go tend to him. Please keep me and my growing family in your thoughts and prayers we need all the support we can get. I'll leave you with a quote to ponder until next time "How can there be too many babies, thats like saying there are too many flowers." --Anne Geddes

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