Wednesday, August 26, 2009


WOW....Well the meaning of the name of this blog has just been changed dramatically! It originally meant that I had Three boys in my home, and now it is for the THREE babies that I have growing in my tummy.

Yesterday Chris and I went to the doctor for the first ultrasound and were not expecting any fanfare...we were just hoping to find a heart beat and measure a little bean pod. After waiting or about an hour we finally got called back for the ultrasound. Not even one minute into the ultrasound the nurse said "Were you taking any hormones to get pregnant?" I responded confused "No...birth control....Why?" and she said " Well you're about to have a stroke then...." Chris and I looked at each other confused and worried and Chris asked me if she was trying to tell us we were having twins and she said " No not exactly..." She turned on the bigger monitor and pulled up the image of my womb and she didn't even have to say was as clear as day....Chris and I stared at the monitor stunned as the woman counted out our three babies. There is set of twins and then another separate baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything that followed seemed surreal, the ultrasound tech ran to get my ob gyn and we started calling family. My doctor said it is almost unheard of to have spontaneous triplets without hormone therapy and that it is less than a 1 in 80,000 chance of it happening. I had to get referred to a specialist and I got briefed by my doctor about the hard road ahead. I will face bed rest, premature labor, and I will definitely have a c section. What a crazy day!!

We also decided to cancel the big wedding and have a smaller and much less expensive wedding on the same day at the beach by my house. We are going to start calling the invitees to tell them that we are having triplets instead of a wedding and informing them of the new plan.

I will continue to keep everyone updated throughout this exciting adventure...Wish me luck and keep these precious fragile little babies in your thoughts and prayers.

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