Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello Again!

By: Alexandra Holmes

I haven't done anything new on here for a few weeks because we have had all sorts of exciting/stressful changes in our life. I didn't want to write anything boring or depressing so I had to take some time off. There will still not be as much but I do have lots of great content coming soon and my first guest post on another site will be published soon. Below is a quick synopsis of our current adventures as well as a sneek peak into what will be coming soon on Alex Plus Three.

So in the last few weeks we have had all sorts of fun stuff happen:

 > Aidan tried to cut his toe off (not really but close) doing "tricks" on his bike which resulted in 8 stitches and three trips to the doctor. He is doing fine now but it has been a pain getting it to heal because we can't keep him from jumping around and being crazy.

> We found out that our landlord will not be renewing our lease and that we have to move by mid-August...mid August in Texas...which means it will be about 110° outside...add the four boys, two dogs, and INSANE amount of stuff that we have and you get a big mess. Not to mention we haven't even found a house yet much less had the time to house hunt.

> We are having my mother in law move in with us (TODAY!) to help take care of the kids so that Chris can work more at his part time job and pursue a job as a firefighter.

>We had a giant garage sale to finally get rid of all the baby stuff. Even after two days, we still had enough stuff to fill up my SUV up to the roof with both back rows laid down and took it all to the Salvation Army.

> All the boys got buzz cuts and they look like little men now, they have officially left all babyhood behind them and they are little boys now.

Here are the fours boys with their new haircuts.
The three little guys taking over my shoes shelves
Cutie Pie
We had so much fun last weekend and I have to tell the story because I think it is so funny and a pretty good feat. Last Saturday my friend Lauren came over with her three little people ages 4, 2, and 1 and we went to a little water park down the street from my house with my three youngest we had 6 kids 4 and under. As Lauren put it we were "Moms of Many" rocking our suits and our large hoard of kiddos.

Below is all of them enjoying a balanced snack of strawberries and Cheetos.

Front to Back: Lacey 1, Payton 2, Mason 2, Wyatt 2, Luke 2, Troy 4
So, now you see where I have been for the last few weeks during the hiatus. I may be less active on here over the next few weeks while we move and get settled but I do have a lot of good stuff coming up. Below is a little bit of what is coming up here on Alex Plus Three:
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Balancing work life and family
  • Post baby body image
  • Helicopter Parenting
  • My favorite beauty products right now
Watch out for the upcoming stuff and thank you for the support!

Thanks for Reading,

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